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THE TUPELO TRAIL  is a place for blind hikers and their friends to enjoy a guided, immersive adventure in an unspoiled natural forest.  It is a trail where people of diverse sensory ability can come together to learn from nature and from each other, on their own terms. 


The trail is an eighth of a mile long and takes between 20 minutes and an hour to complete.

It features accessible educational sight text markers that are stationed along a secure rope guide with braille marked tactile 'buoys' announcing everything that is ahead.   You will encounter rare Tupelo trees, historically protected 18th century stone walls, a vibrant vernal pool that is different in every season, and a very, very large Wolf tree.

An APP that accompanies the trail is under development, as well as interface with the US National Park Service’s national UNiD initiative.

The trail is located on the campus of the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell, MA which is a five minute drive from Exit 13 on Rt 3.  It is a 28 minute drive from the center of Boston and a 33 minute drive from the Cape Cod bridge.  Accessible parking and bathrooms are available in the Science Center Visitor Center.  The trail is readily accessible from the Parking Lot and there are accessible facilities in the SSNSC building. 

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